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Our Story

Bus Shelters

During the hours of darkness, the shining lights of bus shelters on every street, in every town and city in every country act as an advertisingbeacon for a multitude of brands to reach out to customer and new potential consumers. Using brightly lit LED backlight and side light technology from Illuminated Advertising Solutions, these LED advertising beacons will form not just a shelter, rest station, or meeting point from the elements but also an opportunity for a brand to assert a commercial identity via LED advertising panels. Local Government and public information campaigns are also popular tools to be used at public meeting places such as bus shelters – an ideal placement for illuminated advertising panels to display a detailed and eye-catching marketing or public information message.

Retail Signage

Times Square in New York, Piccadilly Circus in London, the bright lights of Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai may be internationally renowned famous sights and images from around the world but in every town and city in every corner of the globe we are witness to brightly lit LED advertising signage and branding in civic squares, shopping malls and transport hubs. Think of the tourist in any location in any part of the world simply embracing being lost in the evening in search of an interesting place to dine and enjoy a welcome meal. How often will the sight of professional and eye-catching illuminated retail signage catch the eye and entice the curious traveller in search of a place to enjoy an evening meal or entertainment. Making sure that retail LED advertising signage in bars, restaurants, shops and stores or public transport will not simply display a company’s commercial offering but will actively work to ensure that your brand stands out form the competition. With the help of professionally designed and manufactured LED corporate signage from Illuminated Advertising Solutions, you will remain one step ahead of the competition and attract a higher percentage of public interest.

Airport signage: Toilets & Restrooms, Airline Help Desks, Passenger Information Displays

Imagine a busy airport. Full of hustle and industry – people walking… sometimes running to other locations. Looking for flight gate information. Searching for a nearest glass of wine, beer, cup of coffee or a meal before a long flight. Perhaps looking for their new place of employment if working at a retail store within the airport. All perfect scenarios for illuminated LED advertising signage and public display panels. In a crowded marketplace such as any modern airport, clear stand-out of message, sharp design and attention to clarity in detail is paramount. A perfect illustration of an environment where Illuminated Advertising Solutions can help to create the perfect LED branding signage. Consider the following uses of professional design, bespoke illuminated advertising signage from Illuminated Advertising Solutions at any typical airport;

  • Passenger Flight Information Boards
  • Airport Information& Public Safety Signage
  • Toilets and Restrooms
  • Entrance / Exit Signage
  • Baggage Belt Information Display Signage
  • Airport Retail Signage
  • Brand Advertising Signage

Fast Food Menu Boards

Fast food restaurants are a hive of activity seven days per week. A crowded marketplace of consumers, business people and families and children all excited to see what the menu offers and catches the eye. Potentially also this can become a place of confusion and a chance to change your mind and look for an alternative restaurant, or place to dine. Making sure that your fast food menu board is clear in design, easy to read and with eye-catching and clearly identifiable food and beverage offerings from the brand is paramount. Illuminated Advertising Solutions have many years experience of creating professional fast food menu boards using state of the artwork LED advertising signage technology, which will clearly represent a bespoke brand identity, sharp imagery and a easy to follow range of options for customers to choose from.

Exhibition Stands

The sales and customer exhibition can be a crowded market of confusion for any delegate or exhibition attendee. As an exhibitor, your role is to stand out from the crowd and to make sure that your message is clearly identifiable and eye-catching to entice visitors to your stand and to enquire about your organisation. A perfect illustration of how Illuminated Advertising Solutions can help your brand using LED advertising panels and electronic branded signage to make sure that any passing traffic is directed to your stand. We use a range of materials, technologies and processes to ensure that even the smallest of spaces can be transformed into a clear and brightly lit corporate LED advertising panel that will stand the test of time and draw a crowd to your location.

Factory Expertise, Order Process & Customer Reassurance

Illuminated Advertising Solutions have for many years created a system of bespoke-based volume manufacturing processes, which ensure that an ever-expanding customer base returns time after time for all their LED advertising panel and bespoke illuminated advertising needs. We have created a system based on individual consultation with every customer on every order to ensure that no stone is left unturned in pursuit of customer satisfaction. We have implemented a system which will reassure that the order process is precise from design to sampling to order production and at every stage we seek customer clarification and assurance that the project is going exactly as per customer requirements. Using our step system of customer satisfaction, Illuminated Advertising Solutions seeks to ensure that your LED advertising branding requirements are correct first time, correct every time.

  • Consultation
  • Design& Customer Feedback
  • Approval
  • Pre-Production Sampling & Further Consultation
  • Manufacture & Delivery
  • Customer Follow-Up and After Sales Ongoing Support & Service

Illuminated Advertising Solutions is your one stop shop for all LED signage and electronic brand advertising requirements – we welcome all enquiries at any time. Ready to assist and ready to create an LED solution to match every brief.