Brand Advertising

Illuminated Advertising Solutions are proud to have created a range of state of the art brilliant illuminated signage displays for our customer base over many years and across the continents.

Contact us to discuss how we can create a custom-made solution exactly for your needs and requirements for any industry, delivered direct to your location and to meet your specific budget needs.

Exhibition Stand & Advertising Signage

Draw the crowds to your next exhibition stand through powerful images created using brilliant illuminated advertising signage. In the most competitive environment of all it is vitally important to stand out from your competitors in the exhibition arena.

From illuminated brand display advertising on portable mounted stand solutions to bright LED back-lighting display shelving, let Illuminated Advertising Solutions come up with a plan to meet your requirements and showcase your branding to the next level and bring the customers right to your display.

Contact us for more information about how we can create fully bespoke and wide-ranging set of brilliant Illuminated Advertising Solutions to meet your exact specifications.

Industrial & Entrance Exit Information Signage

Let Illuminated Advertising Solutions create a range of internal section signage, visitor experience and directional signage or internal brand advertising signage boards simply to reinforce the scope and scale of your organisation.

From visitor display signage at reception to restrooms and break area signage, or simply entrance and exits signage – using brilliant advertising lighting will help to create the professional internal atmosphere that you require.

Have some ideas or product signage information you need to discuss? Access our expertise here and start a conversation with us.

Retail Advertising Signage

Create a brilliant new customer entrance experience using the expertise of Illuminated Advertising Solutions. Bespoke moulded shop or store entrance signs with brilliant LED back or side lighting effects will draw the casual passer-by into becoming a customer through curiosity inspired by the excellence of the welcome created.

Using a number of state of the art manufacturing processes, practically anything is possible to create an instant impression for shop signage from Illuminated Advertising Solutions.

Why not put us to the test and find out how we might be able to create an entirely new customer entrance experience for you.

Public Information & Display Panels

Passing consumer footfall within airports and transport hubs provides your brand with a 24 hour/ 365 day per year opportunity to create a brilliant advertising display with the help and expertise of Illuminated Advertising Solutions.

Both large and small displays are available to be created bespoke for your requirements for large concourse areas or in-store displays, all expertly designed using our direct from factory approach which gives you both speed of service and expertise on tap.

Want to start a conversation about how we can help further or you have a project in mind you want to discuss with us, simply let us know how we might be able to assist you?

Bus Shelters

Bus shelters as well as other transport hub areas such as airport lounges and train stations are an ever-popular location for our customers brand identity via LED advertising signage from Illuminated Advertising Solutions.

Let us mock-up some ideas for you about how we can create a brilliant signage effect for your brand that will stand out from the crowd day and night, for all 365 days of the year.

Product Display

Illuminated Advertising Solutions can create a huge range of shapes and dimensions of brilliant LED lighting effects within display advertising panels that you might require for use in shopping malls, in city locations or in areas of large public footfall such as transport hubs, airports, sports grounds and stadia.

Whether your need is for circular, square or rectangular shapes or to match your own bespoke brand font and lettering, just let us know how we can help to solve your advertising signage requirements.

Clothing brands, consumer goods or even Government public information displays will all benefit from brilliant LED lighting information display panels which not only catch the eye but draw attention to your brand or message to leave a lasting impression which simply cannot be missed.

Food & Drink Advertising

From beers and whiskey Illuminated Advertising Solutions within pubs and restaurants to other forms of alcoholic and soft drink brands in every location from shopping malls to train stations and bus shelters, Illuminated Advertising Solutions can help your brand to achieve true stand-alone presence 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

We can create a bespoke moulded sign shape for your brand identity, or choose a more standard shaped illuminated brand signage exactly as per your requirements to provide a not-to-be-missed opportunity to catch the eye and leave a lasting impression for your customers.

Get in touch with us to see how Illuminated Advertising Solutions can find the exact signage fit for your needs.

Restaurant & Fast Food Menu Boards

Illuminated Advertising Solutions present the full range of promotional advertising signage for restaurants and fast food chains to help draw a crowd to your location. Brilliant illumination signage from state of the art LED back-light and edge-light technology create a clear and inviting image for your brand and will help to bring footfall through your door.

Contact us to find out how we can tailor make brilliant illumination menu and shop signage to help you stand out from the crowd.