Retail Signage & Corporate Gifts

The team at Illuminated Advertising Solutions are regularly requested to develop many new and bespoke client ideas into an end product reality – examples would include customer LED signage that patrons would see in sports and social clubs, pubs and bars and retail outlets to illuminated shop signage,custom led signs at airports and public crowd information areas. The potential uses and amount of scenarios to use illuminated LED advertising signs are endless and from time to time our customer focus is for the purposes of LED illuminated retail signs – the sort of products you might see on display for sale at tourist attraction gift shops, within cruise ship voyages, and even in the corporate world as logo signs given away as high end corporate gifts for important customers or conference delegates.

LED custom signs made into highly visible, hard-wearing and long-lasting souvenir gifts for both members of the public and for use as corporate gifts can be made bespoke to any customer requirements. Circular, square or any logo shaped design, illuminated signs as souvenir mementos are an excellent method to mark the visit to a location or company in a permanent way.

Illuminated Advertising Solutions are proud to pioneer led custom signs as souvenirs for use in many tourist environments either for sale at gift shops or via a variety of online and retail platforms. Using ultra bright low energy LED technology, we can create a lasting souvenir or corporate gift memento that will stand the test of time and serve as a lasting reminder of the location or corporate message a customer wishes to portray. Custom LED signage is exactly as the name suggests – a purely bespoke method for any customer to get a message across via illuminated signage – the shape and dimensions, the message and the imagery are all exactly as required by the customer.At Illuminated Advertising Solutions, we can guarantee the craftsmanship, the expertise and the manufacturing process are precise and exactly as required for every customer and for every single order we produce.

At Illuminated Advertising Solutions we welcome all customer contact and enquiries on bespoke customer LED signs,logo and retail signage, illuminated LED souvenirs and advertising, or other illuminated advertising panel products to meet any requirements – we specialise in bespoke manufactured solutions and look forward to hearing how we may assist at any time.