Boardroom Displays & Souvenir Lighting Products

At Illuminated Advertising Solutions we are tasked with developing many varied and bespoke client briefs into an end product reality – from more common examples such as LED advertising signage seen in bars and clubs or retail outlets to illuminated signage shown for customer information display purposes at airports and train stations. However, the amount and scope for illuminated LED advertising signage is vast and a recent area taking over more of our attention is for the purposes of LED illuminated advertising souvenirs – the sort of products you might see on display in company boardrooms, on ocean voyage cruise liners, or in tourist environment gifts shop for sale at retail.

Imagine a busy tourist attraction with an equally busy gift store and VIP guests who might come for events, conferences or meetings. The competition to stand out from the crowd in an ever-evolving and cramped marketplace is as relevant for a tourist attraction as it would be for a retail brand.As such, LED advertising souvenirs made available to visitors will form an interesting and unique experience for purchase – a corporate gift of illuminated signage that will stand the course of time and proudly display the visitor experience to the destination – perhaps on the living room wall, or in the entrance hallway for all to admire.

Another common scenario for this type of illuminated signage as corporate gift use is for premium entertainment brands or destinations such as football or other sports clubs who use LED illuminated advertising signage as souvenirs to give away to VIP guests, match attendees or for other special occasions. These are long-lasting continual illuminated advertising signage products which will sit proudly in a company boardroom or corporate reception area and as visitors to the offices will notice, these high-quality illuminated signage souvenirs will catch the eye and start a conversation every time.

As ever and for all illuminated signage customer orders with Illuminated Advertising Solutions, illuminated LED souvenirs and corporate keepsake illuminatedadvertising products are dealt with in the exact same manner. A strict process is undertaken from the point of initial contact right through to delivery and after care support. By getting in touch with us for an initial conversation, let us take the time to come up with a bespoke proposal based on quantity, best practice materials to be used in the manufacture process, logo replication, shape and scale. Illuminated LED advertising souvenirs and corporate gift keepsake advertising for VIP guests is a mere initial conversation and enquiry away. An enquiry leads to an idea, which leads to a proposal, to image design, to prototype manufacture and delivery, which ultimately leads to your bulk order delivery and harnessing the power of LED lighting to promote the brand via illuminated advertising signagesupplied by Illuminated Advertising Solutions.

At Illuminated Advertising Solutions we welcome all customer contact and enquiries on bespoke LED signage, illuminated LED souvenirs and advertising, or other illuminated advertising panel products to meet any requirements – we specialise in bespoke manufactured solutions and look forward to hearing how we may assist at any time.