Illuminated Signage: Mood Lighting

LED illuminated advertising signage and illuminated retail sign products are two of the main areas of customer contracts for the team at Illuminated Advertising Solutions. However, there are a range of other applications for our state-of-the-art manufactured LED signage solutions, such as mood lighting products as shown in the attached image.

Creating a subtle yet highly effective corporate gift for visiting VIPs, as use in a retail souvenir store, or simply to display in a company reception or boardroom – illuminated signs used for mood lighting can compliment any room or environment. These are often powerful illuminated advertising display panels to use during the night time economy in bars, cinemas and theaters, restaurants and sports clubs, for example.

Depending on the company logo or brand to be applied, at Illuminated Advertising Solutions we can work with your team to create an illuminated advertising sign to represent the mood lighting effect you require. The shape and dimensions of the illuminated signage will be the customer choice and we will offer a best recommendation on the materials and manufacture to create the optimum effect according to each customer needs and budget requirements.

As ever, for every customer order requirement at Illuminated Advertising Solutions, we will guide all our customer requests through the process from initial enquiry contact through to order completion and delivery of product requested. For all bulk order requirements, we will recommend that this would include the provision of a fully operational working prototype of your mood lighting illuminated sign – usually provided within a few weeks of approving the initial agreed design for your order.

At Illuminated Advertising Solutions we welcome all customer contact and enquirieson LED illuminated signs, mood lighting advertising, or other illuminated advertising panel requirements to meet any requirements – we specialise in bespoke manufactured solutions and look forward to hearing how we may assist.