Order Processing – Prototype Production

At Illuminated Advertising Solutions, we are proud to support the order process with prototype production as part of the ongoing customer consultation and ordering dialogue. Typically, we will seek to arrange and supply a fully working prototype of any customer bulk order LED advertising signage within a few weeks of being asked to work on a customer project.

The benefits of our prototype LED advertising signage development are primarily peace of mind and allowing customers to see, touch and work with the proposed customer bespoke illuminated sign from a practical point of view. Not just to look at how the advertising signage works, how bright our advanced LED technology illuminates your logo but also to prepare for installation, to measure the areas of the factory concerned, shopping mall or customer contact arenas and display environments needed to display your new illuminated signage requirements.

From the time of customer contact through to complete bulk delivery of any final orders, we go through a series of procedures with all customers. At first, we discuss the requirements and analyse the customer logo to ascertain the best shape, advertising signage materials and design that could be produced. Once a plan of action is agreed with a customer about how to move forward, we will produce a detailed image proof via email which leads then onto the production of the prototype and fully working customer LED advertising signage – made exactly to scale and using the same manufacturing techniques and materials from which we will produce the customer bulk order.

At this stage – when the customer has received their working prototype illuminated advertising sign – there will be a couple of scenarios we can discuss and can be checked off:

  • – Satisfaction of design and customer logo clarity
  • – Satisfaction of production to match with previous agreed image proof
  • – Satisfaction of size and functionality of new illuminated advertising signage

From this point, we can progress to bulk production and schedule all necessary paperwork and delivery schedules or other logistical requirements exactly as per customer requirements.

Please get in touch with a member of our team today to discuss how Illuminated Advertising Solutions can work with you to create a new and highly visible LED advertising signage campaign to meet your marketing and customer outreach objectives.

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