I Can’t Find The Product I Need

Have you identified some of the innovative illuminated signage products that look close to your organisation’s requirements but it doesn’t quite match your needs? Maybe your company needs an LED advertising panel similar to a brightly lit illuminated bus shelter or train station advertising board but you need a different shape or some fresh ideas? Or maybe you work within transport or high-volume public access areas and need to gather some ideas for illuminated public information display panels that will catch the eye in crowded and high turnover environments where time is of the essence and clearly visible information is of paramount importance? Just get in touch with us at Illuminated Advertising Solutions and briefly let us know how you wish to start the discussion.

Whether your needs are for illuminated retail signage for indoor or outdoor use, perhaps you have a beer, whiskey or soft drinks beverage logo that you want to talk about for in store LED illuminated advertising needs to stand out and catch the eye?Perhapsyour need is to discuss a range of public information location boards such as Entrance and Exit signage, or access to waiting room areas, public toilets, baby changing facilities or restrooms.

We cater for every shape, size and functionality of design for brightly lit LED logo advertising signs and panels at Illuminated Advertising Solutions, and have a range of highest quality spec LED advertising signage and illuminated customer logo products to suit every scenario.We look forward to be able to respond to every request – get in touch and let us know the design, quantity and specifications you need to complete your illuminated advertising signage requirements.

Request A Call Back

At Illuminated Advertising Solutions, we are constantly looking to find new ways to improve our customer experience and website navigation efficiency. As such, we are implementing a couple of innovative new features for our website to help improve our customer feedback abilities.

Request A Call Back is a feature on our Contact Us pages to enable an existing customer or new site user to request a member of our team to give you a call when it suits you best. Simply enter your company details and the nature of your enquiry and a best time and number for us to call you back and we will endeavour to accommodate every request.

Perhaps you have not seen an illuminated advertising signage product that meets your requirement on our site, or need a bespoke LED advertising sign that needs to be discussed at length and you require a discussion about a meeting at your offices?Whatever the enquiry and the need for contact, just drop us a line and let us come back to you at a time of your choosing.

At Illuminated Advertising Solutions, we have a range of highest quality spec LED advertising signage and illuminated customer logo products to suit every scenario, we are confident that we can respond to every request, no matter how large or small the requirement may be – we look forward to hearing from you soon.